Amor en Playa Azul

If you’ve been reading LooseGringa, then you know that I’ve featured a mysterious man in my postings: my traveling partner, my partner in crime, my lover!

I am in love. In love.

And while I won’t gush — though it’s quite easy to do — I will say that traveling with him has been the greatest experience of my life, and our trip to Tulum was just another one in a string of unforgettable experiences with him, and in my Mexican adventure. But after two days in the town, we hadn’t had the romantic beachfront moment I’d fantasized. Not yet.

We packed up from the in-town Maison Tulum after two nights and remembered a sign on the town’s beach road advertising rooms starting at $79 — a bargain on the hotel strip, where on any given day you may just bump into a celebrity. The place was Playa Azul, a funky and colorful little joint with a cabana cheap enough that we had to say yes. We plopped a credit card down and enjoyed a light breakfast on the hotel’s whimsical waterfront restaurant, watching the sun come out.

How fantastic does this place look?

Hotels on Tulum’s beachfront road are expensive, but rustic. They’re required to generate their own electricity, so in the daytime electricity in your room is turned off. At night, it’s allotted at certain times. I was fretting over the loss of my beloved air-conditioner — my life’s true soul mate — but I would have to make do with a fan. A fan.

But you can bet I had that thing blowing directly on me all night.

Yet it was all perfectly romantic. Our room was outfitted with candles. There was no door on the shower, not even a bathroom door. If there were anymore gastrointestinal meltdowns, we were shit out of luck. There’s a pun in there, you clever folks.

There’s a magic in Tulum. It’s not just those yoga-loving, granola-types, wandering around wearing kaftans and gauzy pants, sending good vibes into the air … but I felt so utterly relaxed that I absolutely transcended vacation. I was on vacation while already ON my vacation. It’s a rare feeling.

And it was in Tulum that I imagined a life here with my lover, so overtaken with the beauty of our surroundings and the irrepressible wanderlust that travel evokes. As we barefooted down Tulum’s beaches, we dreamed our life in words — opening a hotel here, chic and minimalist bungalows, a small space, but perfect. It’s always been a dream of mine to own and decorate a hotel. And even if it was just fantasy, the magic of Tulum was such that it felt like we could actually make it happen if only we kept talking about it.

And as impractical as it may sound, If he had said, Let’s stay, I would’ve stayed.

But we had one full day left ahead of us, and we would take advantage of more of this paradise’s offerings. It’s ruins, it’s indescribable beaches, and a culinary feast to remember.

As happy as I was, a sadness was churning inside me. My time in Mexico was running thin: soon I would leave this gorgeous place, this gorgeous man. My heart burned.

But we seized the day (stay tuned!). And we’ll always have Tulum.