Dinner at Casa Mission

Qué romántico!

This was the sunset from Cozumel Wednesday night when I decided to take Stacy on our very own ladies’ date night to one of my favorite places on the island: Casa Mission.

There are three mission restaurants in Cozumel: La Mission, Parrilla Mission, and the flagship Casa, complete with a tropical lawn, caged parrots, and ornate, colorful furniture straight from a Frida Kahlo biopic. It’s a bit touristy, but it’s the quintessential Mexican experience: mariachi, margaritas, mágico. Soon you’ll see why.

We donned black dresses and lipgloss, and the humidity even complied for a while — our individual manes enjoying an hour of glory each before molting into Mariah Carey and Farrah Fawcett (me).

La Casa en la noche

Queso fundido: Oh yes we did-o

Mar y tierra

Loose Gringa pre-Farrah hair

Lovely dinner date


After dinner, we stepped outside to take a tour of an on-site tequila factory. Alvaro led us through the process of digging the root of the blue agave plant, called a pineapple because it resembles a giant piña. The leaves are steamed, then Alvaro got all scientific and my head started spinning. Anyway, something special happens … and then TEQUILA!

Oh, Alvaro

The distilling process is really cool, because the tequila drips down the plant leaf and into a bottle on the floor. It doesn’t get more rustic and tempting than that. I was ready for a tasting.

It was honestly some of the best tequila in my life and, according to Alvaro, beat out all other tequilas in taste tests held in Chicago and San Francisco two years in a row! The aged bottle will run you around $100 USD, but it was so smooth I really considered dropping the coin.

As if I’m not using enough superlatives, just to prove how delicious and special that tequila was, I even spoke Spanish with the taxi driver the whole way home!

Imagine what I can do with a whole bottle!

Gracias a Casa Mission y nuestros meseros por una experiencia especial!